Hear what people are saying about Osaka!

  • I'm pretty impressed with this place...the tempura veggie appetizer was so good and the squid was too. We got the spider roll and couple others. My husband said the eel was to die for.

    - Melissa W

    It seems like everytime I go to Osaka and eat sushi...I am reminded of what real sushi tastes like. It makes all the sushi I remember having tasted before it like cheap plastic. This is the best sushi in Lacey/Olympia for me. If I had more to spend on sushi I'd ONLY eat sushi here!

    - Desiree' M

    Osaka is our family's favorite Japanese restaurant in the Olympia area...The husband and older son swear by the various kinds of sushi; my younger son lives for the teriyaki beef/chicken combo, and I love anything they do with tofu (also enjoy the miso soup). Simply the best teriyaki/ Japanese restaurant around.

    - Ruby R

  • I've never had a bad experience there. Their sushi is good, but where Osaka really shines is as a traditional Japanese restaurant. I recommend trying one of the bento dinners, a bit of everything cooked perfectly.

    - Joshua M

    Our favorite night out. Sit at the bar! Try something new, just leave it to the chef. You will not be disappointed!

    - Alan B

    I've been there at least 5 times, including twice with my 16 month old. Every time the waitress and sushi chef have been terrific. It has always been delicious. I highly recommend the double spicy tuna roll. Wowzers!

    - Colleen L

  • We were very impressed with our visit. The food was excellent and the service outstanding. Their salad dressing rates with the best we have had anywhere. The sushi was very fresh. We will return.

    - Frances

    Come to Osaka for the Yakisoba alone. It's hands down the best I've ever had. And the sushi is fresh and delish as well. Wait staff is authentic and very friendly.

    - Elizabeth P

    I love this place! I've tried at least 5 different dishes and have yet to be disappointed. But my favorite is the sushi, especially the crunch roll and the caterpillar roll. I cannot go without these. I also love the sashimi. Very fresh, never slimey or fishey smelling.

    - Amy C

  • A favorite. Up til this time, I've been selfish and wanted to keep this find close to the vest. However, our family loves this restaurant so much they all want to tell the world about it!. Wait staff are remarkably helpful and always willing to make adjustments to accomodate gastronomical 'quirks' Ask Joon, for example, to make a Sunflower Roll (you WON'T find it on the menu) - this one is almost unbelievable! Go at this roll from five different angles, you'll have five different tastes attack your tastebuds!! I had TORO the last time I was there, smooth as silque. Another sashimi favorite here is their shiro maguro ... superwhite tuna ... I'd call it 'ambrosia' in English!! We took 14 of our family to this restaurant and not one complained, except now, they want to go there every time they come to visit! Kudos to Osaka! Oh, another favorite??? Sashimi Donburi ... yummy!!

    - SBruce J

7265 Martin Way East

Olympia, WA 98516

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