Catering With Osaka

Want a fresh new look when catering your next event? Try Osaka! It's the perfect party food! Beautiful to display, easy to eat, delicious, natural and healthy; from weddings to corporate meetings, it fits anywhere. So whether you need something unique and beautiful, or just want a healthy alternative, try us out. Your order will be prepared right before your event, so it'll be fresh, delicious, and a sure hit for everyone!

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Ordering is simple. Call us up, and place your order! No online confusion and confirmation necessary. Order with the platters suggested below, or simply tell us what you're looking for, and we'll make it happen. Give us a call!

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- Cancelations must be made at least 2 days in advance to receive a full refund.

- Cancelations made 1 day in advance will receive a half refund.

- Cancelations made the day of will not receive a refund.


7 Roll Platter (52pcs)

California Roll (8), Spicy Tuna Roll (8),

Osaka Special Roll (6), Cucumber Roll (6),

Philadelphia Roll (8), Salmon Skin Roll (8 ),Rainbow Roll (8)


4x4 Best Platter (52pcs)

California Roll (8), Hawaiian Poki (8), Rainbow Roll (8)

Crunch Roll (6), Tuna Nigiri (4), Shrimp Nigiri (4)

Yellowtail Nigiri (4)  


Vegetarian Platter (38pcs)

Yasaha Roll (12), Cucumber Roll (6), Oshinko Roll (6)

Kampyo Roll (6), Inari Roll (8)


Cooked Only Platter (30pcs)

California roll (8), Crunch Roll (6), Smoked Salmon (4)

Unagi (4), Shrimp (4), Inari (4)


California Roll Platter (80pcs)

California Roll w/fish egg (40)

California Roll w/sesame seed(40)


All Nigiri Platter (50pcs)

Tuna (10), Shrimp (10), Salmon (10)

Yellowtail (10), Unagi (10) 



Give us a call to create your own custom platter!

(360) 413-3911